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Geographic position

The Harbour of Elbląg is the biggest Polish harbour on The Vistula Bay. It is located on the river Elbląg, 6 km from its estuary to The Vistula Bay (latitude: 54° 10'5" N; longitude: 19°23'S"). The Vistula Bay is connected with The Gulf of Gdańsk by inland navigation along the river Szkarpawa and by Pilawa Strait near Baltiysk.

In Elbląg starts Ostróda-Elbląg Channel (129,8 km), the unique in the world, technical relic, which is a tourist attraction.



Characteristic of the Harbour

Port Elbląg is a local harbour, designed for inshore goods, passenger and tourist navigation at The Vistula Bay and The Gulf of Gdańsk. Annually over 30 thou. of passengers are shipped.
Total site area - 470 hectares
Length - 4,5 km
Total quay length - 2,5 km (including 0,3 km of passengers quays.)
Depth of fairway- 2,5m (1,8 m in extreme conditions)




· a siding

· an overhead crane (150 tonnes of tonnage)

· a cereal elevator ( capacity 14 thou. m3 )

· a turntable for ships ( length: 120 m )

· 5 docks

· 5 marinas

· Repair Shipyard



The Harbour has road and railway connections with:

· Kaliningrad District (Russia)

· Warszawa

· Gdańsk

· Olsztyn

· Malbork

· Braniewo







Harbour’s merits

· Favourable geographic position in the context of potential economic relations and co-operation with Kaliningrad District , Baltic Republics and countries of Scandinavia

· Creating circumstances to enlarge trade (border crossing point, Commodity Exchange)

· Good condition of technical infrastructure (strengthened quays, open store areas, sidings, cereal elevators)

· Possibility of repairing vessels in Repair Shipyard.

· Presence of all institutions necessary for service of passenger traffic and goods traffic ( Border Guard, Customs House, Port Authority, Management Board of the Harbour, Point of Fitosanitary Control)

· convenient conditions for sailing and other water sports


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